Why Us ?

Following are some of the factors that have enabled us to stay a step ahead of our counterparts :

  • Superior quality raw materials
  • Minimization of wastage
  • State-of-the-art production facility
  • Modernized and sophisticated machines
  • Proficient and experienced staff
  • Regular in-house training
  • Highly competitive prices
  • Implemented six sigma principles for customer focused business improvements.


Heat Treatment :

GOMS proves the quality of its product by providing in-house full finish component to the strict requirements of ASTM. GOMS go a full circle into identifying customer needs has an out-source facility of Heat Treatment. HT are having Pit type Gas Carburizing Furnace of digital capacity of 1200 mm job can be easily done.

Surface Plating :

Success :

Experience is key to success & GOMS builds in the quality with its 5 step preparation & application process. Every quoted or plated stud is subjected to a rigorous quality.

Process That Includes:

  • Surface Cleaning: Metal surfaces are cleaned by chemical or thermal degreasing process
  • Surface Blast: Metal surfaces are abrasive blast as required
  • Base Coat application: All Metal surfaces are coated with phosphate, sacrificial base coat, primer or as per the customer coating requirement
  • Top Coat application: All Metal surfaces are sprayed with a fluro polymer topcoat for a total dry film thickness of 1 mil gram.
  • Thermal Cure: Parts are thermally cured in controlled oven as per procedure to insure corrosion protection & adhesion


GOMS proves the quality of its product by providing in-house full finish component to the strict requirements of ASTM. Studs are provided with compatible nuts as per ASTM spec. All studs are shipped with nuts assembled to insure proper fit & protect the parts during shipment. GOMS pack parts in boxes with a max weight of 50 pounds each for ease of handling. Boxes are packed with labels that provide complete information including purchase order, part number, item number & additional information as per customer requirement & ship same day as per customer requirement.

Specification for ASTM Stud :

Threaded Studs :

GOMS doesn’t just make a Threaded Rod; GOMS is a manufacturer of ASTM A193 Gr B7 threaded studs in a wide variety of sizes. Weather fully threaded or Double ended stud, 2 inches to 240 inches long, GOMS can fulfill all of your requirements.

Chemical Requirements for A193 GR B7 :

Carbon Mangnese Phosphorous Sulfer  Silicon  Chromium Molybd 
0.37-0.49 0.65-1.10 0.035 max 0.040 0.15-0.35 0.75-1.2 0.15-025


Mechanical Properties :

  • Tensile  Strength            – Minimum 860 Mpa.
  • Yield  Strength                – Minimum 720 Mpa.
  • % Elongation                  –  Minimum 16%.
  • % Reduction In Area       – Minimum 50%.
  • Hardness                        – 321 BHN.