Forged Raw Material


Located at the industrial hub of Mumbai  is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art Forging equipment. The 1200T Oil Hydraulic open die press is designed, fabricated, installed and commissioned by the world leader in forging equipment – ZDAS of the Czech Republic. The press is electro-hydraulically controlled by a latest microprocessor driven computer system, enabling us to manufacture various grades of Carbon and Alloy Steel forged items that meet the most stringent national and international standards.


The main function of forging is carried out by the 1200T press and the hot steel is handled by two manipulator. In addition, overhead cranes are engaged for lifting, loading and unloading in and out of the re-heating furnace. As supportive heating equipment, the plant has furnaces for forging and heat treatment along with an elaborate arrangement for disposition, post treatment and processing of any forged products using band-saws, VTL of 1400 & Amp  1600 mm dia, Plano-miller 6000 mm and shaping machines of various sizes even have capacities to machine 800 mm dia and 6500 mm long bars.

A team of professionals comprising of trained personnel in the area of Processing. Quality Control and Service, is the main strength of the plant. Their dedication to systematic and sincere work, adoption of latest technology leads us to deliver products with high quality standards. Rail mounted manipulator of 20T is synchronized with press and to support it another 6 tons manipulator is engaged.
Although we have a well-equipped in-house chemical laboratory, NDT facility, hardness testing equipment and total mechanical lab comprising of universal testing machine, Impact Testing machine approved by various agencies like LIRS, TUV etc.
i) Tensile Test Machine – 40 T  
  a) Universal Tensile Testing Machine 1 No. Super Fine Testing Equipments
  b) Bend Test Machine ————— do—————-
ii) Hardness Testing Machine  
  a) Dynamic hardness tester 1 No. Fascine make.
  b) Pin-Brino hardness testing unit 1 No. Blue steel make.
  c) Poldi hardness testing unit 1 No. Blue Steel make.
iii) Non- Destructive Testing  
  a) Ultrasonic Testing Machine 1 No. EEC MAKE, MODEL: ex-10
  b) Dye Penetrate Testing.  
  c) Magnetic Particle Testing 1 No. Magnaflux Make
iv) Metallography  
  a) Microscope Vardhan make.
  b) Single pan polishing unit Vardhan make.
v) Wet Chemical Laboratory Facilities :  
  a) Single Pan Balance 1 No. make -taps one
  b) C-S Analyzer 1 No. make-Abrol, Mumbai
  c) Hot plate 1 No. —
Supporting products mostly to oilfield & power transmission industries, engineering, ship-building, nuclear fuel and sugar industries, our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. And this 'mantra' of GOMS provides our customer with quality products on time and every time.

In keeping pace with the ever-changing aspiration of the customers, we are striving forward to develop and argument our capacity to serve a wider circle of valued customers. At present, sincere efforts are on to achieve the following:

  • Installing more machining facilities to deliver quality products to our customers on the dot and even ahead of time.
  • One more re-heating furnace of higher capacity for capability of handling a wider range of steel grades.