Api Ring Groove Caliper

API Ring Groove Caliper (RGC) will give prompt, accurate & instant reading of all types of Bx, Rx & R types of face groove. It reduces the time & hidden cost involves in checking such types of grooves.


  • Does not required any setting gauge or master piece or any parameters.
  • Gives accurate reading in microns.
  • Measures all parameters of RTJ`s groove (OD, ID, PCD).
  • Covers all types of RTJ`s groove i.e. R, Rx, Bx.
  • Gives 100 % repeatability.
  • No skilled person required.
  • Save rework & rejection headache.
  • Save time & Save money.
  • Easy to handle, easy to store, easy to used.
  • Coolant proof corrosion resistance &  It is available in all Vernier sizes.
  • These are very durable and can be bought at very reasonable price from us.



  1. The checking process of RTJ`s groove with RGC Caliper is very simple.
  2. RGC  is positioned on flat surface of RTJ`s groove.
  3. The precision contact point of ball touches the angular positioned of groove.
  4. The RGC caliper gives the reading, from this readings we can subtract or add some constant value to obtained final drawing readings of RTJ`s groove.